COMFORT FOOD: Persian Style

Chicken Chelo Kabab and Beef Chelo Kabab

Chicken Chelo Kabab and Beef Chelo Kabab

Ask me about the best Persian restaurant in Manila? I’ll biasedly but proudly say Mister Kabab! I’ve been a fan of Mister Kabab ever since high school; especially its soft, ground, and tasty Special Beef Chelo Kabab served with juicy charred tomatoes, slice of cold butter melting in hot steamed rice and their rich and creamy unlimited yogurt sauce and tasty hot sauce on the side – all for just P180.00 php.

Luckily, they opened their latest branch at Fairview Terraces (just 10 mins. away from my house yehey!) I ordered Special Beef Chelo Kabab and requested for both Kababs to be ground (just because I want it soft) but you could request for tenderloin if you want it to be a little chewy. My guy ordered Special Chicken Chelo Kabab, just to try it and compare to what he says the Persian restaurant that “serves better Kababs” — Uncle Moe’s.

Ground Chicken Chelo Kabab

Ground Chicken Chelo Kabab


It was my first time to try their Chicken Chelo Kabab, and I may say it tastes a little bland and Uncle Moe’s Chicken Chelo Kabab tastes better. But when it comes to their Beef Chelo Kabab, Mister Kabab is still the King!

So the next time you want to load your meal up and try some Mediterranean Cuisine, try Mister Kabab ‘cause it’s worth every penny!





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