Heaven’s BBQ: The Affordable Brekky at BGC

Bonifacio Global City is known to be one of the prime cities in Manila. Surrounded by high rise buildings, exquisite malls and expensive eats, it’s quite hard to find restos that would fit an average employee’s budget. Since this has been my crib for the past six months, I’ve been looking for good and affordable eats to fit my budget and taste.

Heaven’s BBQ, located at Fort Strip is one of those hole in the wall restos you wouldn’t be attracted to at a first glance. But don’t fret, they offer affordable, tasteful and generous serving of food here. This 24-hour BBQ joint is famous for their silog dishes. Silog means anything paired with egg (itlog in Filipino) and fried rice (sinangag in Filipino).

Barsilog (PHP155)

Barsilog (PHP155)

I ordered their BARSILOG = BBQ + Sinangag + Itlog for only P155.00, not bad for a resto located at Fort! At a first glance, I already knew that their meal was a good deal; the bowl had two large sticks of meaty barbeque coated with sauce, placed on top of a hot bed of sinangag, and with a sunny side up egg on the side. They also served their BBQs with java sauce (similar taste to Aristocrat’s sauce) and sweet-sour vinegar.

BTS of my food photos

BTS of my food photos

The location is cozy too since it’s beside the road; felt like a real carinderia, but at a more posh environment. However, I heard that this joint gets quite jam-packed during peak hours. But if you’re on a budget and willing to wait for a couple of minutes, I recommend you to try this place. Since it is open for 24-hours, this could also be your anti-hangover and sober up resto after a long night of drinks and partying.


A’s rating:
Food: 10/10
Value for money: 10/10
Ambiance: 9/10
Service: 9/10




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