Food Hack: Banana Nutella Tacos

As children, we were taught not to leave leftovers on our plates and to always finish our food. But I realized that the whole concept is wrong. I tell you, you may leave leftovers on your plates and don’t finish your food if you can’t — ’cause food was not meant to just consume, but to enjoy as well.

For foodies like me, leftover food challenges us to think and create new dishes — to make use of the old to create something new.

The night before, my family and I had tacos for dinner. We used soft wheat tacos preheated to crisp, instead of the usual crispy corn tacos. And the morning after, there were a couple of leftover tacos that weren’t crispy anymore.

Banana Nutella Taco

Banana Nutella Taco

As a crepe fan, I made my own version using soft wheat tacos. I topped it with a generous serving of Nutella and topped it with slices of bananas. You may preheat the dish for a minute or two to soften the bananas and to make the taco crispy, or just eat it that way!

So the next time you have leftovers, don’t just throw them away, think of something creative so you could eat a yummy dish like mine! 🙂




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