Crispy Belly Really Yummy

It’s been a while since I last wrote on my blog(s) — well literally wrote something. And now that I have more time to discover new restos, unique food creations and search for the awesome-st food in the Metro, I’m back to food blogging!

So for my first ever post here at SOLID EATS, here’s one of the latest food discoveries I had as a Fort girl.

Thin strips of pork belly deep fried to its crisp? Only at Mercato Centrale in BGC! This really tasted good along with their home made vinegar. And this definitely represents what my tummy would look like if it was turned into food!

*This Crispy Belly is available at Mercato BGC

Crispy Belly available at Mercato BGC

So there, just kept it short as this post is just a sneak peek of what my blog would contain in the couple of months. Expect more mouth watering food porn, random food spots and solid eats!